Gallery – Wellspring Academy Playground

Wellspring Playground 2 - Large

I spent some time down at the Wellspring Academy playground today, trying out some new flash photography techniques. Click the pic to take a look. (More galleries here and here)

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I’m humbled to know you Trevor Meier and privileged to count you as a friend. Awesome photos. I think I’ll get married again (same girl) just to have you shoot it. You know when you’re bored in 50 years from now. Austin likes the “little red guy”. Ben’s Boathouse…what can I say…speechless. Thanks for all you and the team are doing out there. Say hi to the gang! RB

Sweet. So did you put the Vivitar on a stand and shoot with it manual? I love how the flash adds definition to dark (African) skin.

I metered for ambient with a shutter speed of 1/200th… that put me at about f/8-f/11. I set the flash between 1/4 and 1/16 depending on the shot.

I used the vivitar as key, usually opposite the sun (so the ambient acts as both a sort of hair & fill light). I had the flash on a stand… sometimes I ended up just using the stand as a handle but most of the time I’d pick a spot based on what the sun was doing and work from there.

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