The film is complete. And it has a title. The IMDB submission has been made, festival submissions are beginning, and work on the trailer has begin.

What an unbelievable three years.


Engine Vlog!

“What are you thinking?” … “On Death”

I’m working on a daily vlog of experimental films with Engine while we travel in Italy & France. Check them out on YouTube!


If Death Comes…

… may it find you living

A fun project with Engine from an afternoon in Albuquerque is released today. Go check it out!

Photography Updates

Desert Nomads

My time in New Mexico is over. Echoes of art, love, laughter and songs follow me like shadowed footsteps into an awaiting dream.

It’s only been a few days and already I miss these souls.


Side hustle



A new Sunday tune for you…


Josh Garrels: Jacaranda


Though we never ended up meeting, I had the pleasure of working with Josh Garrels last year, creating visuals for a concert in Vancouver. His music has a haunting, soulful quality that I really enjoy. His new album, “Jacaranda”, has just been released.

Check out some samples on his site, Then head on over to the store or to iTunes and pick yourself up a copy.


Jesu Meine Freude

“Rage, rage, rage, world,
and break;
I stand here and sing
in secure peace!”

Tobe, tobe, tobe Welt, und springe;
Ich steh hier und singe in gar sich’rer Ruh!

– From the Bach Cantata “Jesu Meine Freude”


Emily West Music Video

Worked today on the set of a music video for Emily West, an up & coming country music star. That’s right… I spent all day listening to country music. Now that’s sacrificing for your art!

Emily made it easy – she’s full of energy, and her hit song, Rocks in Shoes, isn’t too bad – for a country song… (you can see a pre-shoot version of the video on this MySpace page. The version shot today will look 1000x better.) Jim was operating steadicam, the most excellent Ian Seabrook was first assisting, and I was 2nd assist – which takes on a whole new meaning……

… when you’re shooting with the Red. This was the Red’s first Vancouver music video, and the first rental of our new venture Inspired Cinema. Big things are afoot with the RED in Vancouver, and we can hardly keep on top of the demand. The fantastic imaging quality, slick workflow, and the unbeatable price point – along with the service quality and experience we’ve put together – make our Red cameras a very attractive proposition for a lot of shows.

I’ll post more about what I was doing and the tools I’m using later. Lots going on!