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I’m an artist and world-traveller. I listen to others’ stories with a heart to grow and learn new ways of being. I have several projects on the go, and I’m open to new collaborations. I’ve directed three feature-length and many short documentaries, as well as numerous music videos and artistic collaborations. If all goes well, I will make many more.

INFP, minimalist, community-minded solitary socialite and slow thinker who’s most relaxed creating in the midst of chaos.

Formerly of Vancouver, now itinerant. Frequent haunts in São Paulo, Paris, Vancouver and New Mexico.

Recent Projects

  1. Around the world!
  2. Cántame (feature documentary, in pre-release)
  3. A New Economy (feature documentary)
  4. Ranger (short documentary)
  5. Mia (short documentary)

I’m focused on music and documentary filmmaking. For exceptional people (usually artists, researchers or activists) I can help imagine a story to refine something great into something remarkable. Some recent examples:

  1. Launch storytelling for a $200 million non-profit capital campaign
  2. Film with President Clinton in South America for The Clinton Foundation
  3. Tipping-point storytelling for the campaign to conserve St. John Point as parkland
  4. Relate complex academic research to the public through story
  5. Confidential projects—I’m frequently called into sensitive, chaotic or high-stress environments when results are essential

What am I doing now?

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