Work(s) in Progress

Just got back from a great long weekend away with friends. Some sweet spring skiing and barbeque on the lawn. Classic USA.

Here’s what’s up in the world of me:

  • Today finishing up a five-day shoot for Teldon Media Group. I’ll post some samples once they’ve run through the presses.
  • Editing on Rwanda: Hope Rises. Steve Plitt has recently joined the team and brings some much-needed editorial expertise. We’re working towards a mid-May screening in Fresno.
  • Some potentially big news on the RED side of life… will post more when it’s official.

Gallery – 2002: First Shots

Exit Sign

Over the last few weeks I’ve been scanning in old film negs… a fun reminisce for me, relationally and photographically. I started with a Pentax point & shoot and Costco bulk film. Then along came my first SLR, a Canon Elan II. Soon after I started shooting on professional film (Fuji NPC) and using a better lab. Can you spot which is which, and where things changed? Have a look: “2002: First Shots