To all my lovelies out there…

Alone in Rome for a few days and thinking of y’all. I miss you. Grateful for so many good people in my life.

Photography Updates

Desert Nomads

My time in New Mexico is over. Echoes of art, love, laughter and songs follow me like shadowed footsteps into an awaiting dream.

It’s only been a few days and already I miss these souls.


Work(s) in Progress

Just got back from a great long weekend away with friends. Some sweet spring skiing and barbeque on the lawn. Classic USA.

Here’s what’s up in the world of me:

  • Today finishing up a five-day shoot for Teldon Media Group. I’ll post some samples once they’ve run through the presses.
  • Editing on Rwanda: Hope Rises. Steve Plitt has recently joined the team and brings some much-needed editorial expertise. We’re working towards a mid-May screening in Fresno.
  • Some potentially big news on the RED side of life… will post more when it’s official.

Roadtrip Weekend

Ol’ Nessie (my bright red Jeep)’s been feeling a little lonely these days… time to get some tracks under her wheels.

Taking a break with some friends to hit the slopes. Back on Tuesday…


Gallery – 2002: First Shots

Exit Sign

Over the last few weeks I’ve been scanning in old film negs… a fun reminisce for me, relationally and photographically. I started with a Pentax point & shoot and Costco bulk film. Then along came my first SLR, a Canon Elan II. Soon after I started shooting on professional film (Fuji NPC) and using a better lab. Can you spot which is which, and where things changed? Have a look: “2002: First Shots