I love hearing from people. Email me at and introduce yourself.

Why? Two reasons:

  1. I love getting to know people around the world. (Many of my friends and collaborators are people I’ve met while travelling)
  2. I know a lot of people, and I can connect you

I reply to everyone who reaches out.

Caveat (read first)

I’m not doing any public speaking, consulting or interviews, but might soon, so introduce yourself.

I don’t promote. I don’t invest. And I’m not taking on new projects (unless its an exceptional opportunity). I do love to be aware of what you’re doing, even though I can’t get involved.

So really the main reason to contact me is to introduce yourself, which I hope you do.

My private email list

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I don’t check my social media inboxes. So please just email me instead.

With a hat tip to Derek Sivers for inspiration for this page.