Featured with Stephen Lewis

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My photography is featured in the July edition of Alive Magazine, as part of an article about Stephen Lewis and the AIDS crisis in Africa. It was an honour to share the page: Stephen is one of my heros for his articulate speech and tireless effort to bring attention and real progress in Africa.

Click here for a PDF of the first two pages of the article… or you can pick up a copy wherever health & wellness magazines are sold.

5 replies on “Featured with Stephen Lewis”

Jesse says:

Neato! Such a great shot of the little boy.

Jennifer says:

Wow! Not only an honor, but great photos as well… and your name in print! The boy is a great shot, but I’m really taken with the emotion you’ve caught on the girls face, and the kids working in the background. Well done!

trevor meier says:

Once the July edition is out of print I’ll post the rest of the article.

I’m just waiting on a PDF, and I’ll post more photos from a related project in Bulembu as well.

Sara says:

Congrats, homie!

Mike says:

Nice… he’s one of my heroes too.

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