Voices for Bulembu Trailer


To mark the launch of the Voices for Bulembu campaign, Craig, Jesse and I put together this trailer. It was made with footage from my trip to Bulembu, Swaziland with the Canadian Tenors in August. Click the pic above to view the trailer in web-size (or download from the links below) then go check out their site.

One reply on “Voices for Bulembu Trailer”

Jonny says:

Great to see the trailer, a real thrill for me and Emily. Going to Bulembu and working with you, Kelly, Emily, the Tenors, the people who work and live in this amazing town (not to mention my old mate Gabes the sound man!) was the highlight of my year. Many people there, whether they be carers,the children or those who have decided to work hard to make a difference for themselves and their families are an inspiration to us all who live in relative luxury and safety in the West. Thanks for giving me this great opportunity and experience. It would be great to do a return trip in a few years to see what has been accomplished. Can’t wait for the finished edit….

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