Stuff I Use: The Red Camera

In 2006, DIY filmmakers were splashed with news of a hot new camera, the RED. I lined up with many other eager would-be camera owners and put my $1000 on hopes that it would deliver. After having shot with it myself in Rwanda and more recently back in Vancouver, and after prepping it for several high-profile shows, I can confidently say that this camera Kicks Ass.

4K, RAW photography, shooting to compact flash, flexible, tough, fast to work with, and it makes beautiful images. The proof is in the footage:

If you’ve got bandwidth to spare, here’s the clip compressed in 720p and full 2k. (right-click to download)

2 replies on “Stuff I Use: The Red Camera”

Richard Taylor says:

Wow! Even an amateur like me can see the obvious difference. Trev, this gave me goose bumps. The image of the Rwandan potters especially.

David Lauder says:

WOW! Nice work Trevor, that is UNREAL!! I can see why you are so in love with this camera!

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