Photography Video

Composing Israel

Week One in Israel has been a great experience. I’m directing 2nd Unit on a 3-camera RED shoot, with Todd Williams as DP and Jim van Dijk directing. The first few days after the crew arrived, I stuck with Main Unit while everyone got settled. Then Jim cut my leash and let me travel, picking up a long list of cover shots all over Israel. It’s been a blast.

The “Twunit” van usually carries me and two others, a RED, sticks, dolly, overkeeper and a nice set of lenses. Each day is usually a combo of specific destinations and “targets of opportunity” – shots along the way that add to the story.

Even though we’re working hard, the long days are a nice change of pace from directing my own show. The hard decisions lie with Jim, Todd & the producers. I get to do the fun stuff. I’m really loving shooting with the RED and the sweet set of glass we have with us: 15-40 and 28-76 Angenieux Optimo zooms and a full set of Zeiss T1.3 primes, along with the RED 50-150.

In many ways, directing 2nd unit for this show has been a lot like shooting stills photography – looking for images that layer into the story. I’ve grabbed a bunch of still frames from what I’ve shot so far on the RED. Click the image above for a quick gallery of Israel so far…