Olympic Torch Relay

This isn’t the type of work I’d normally feature here, but I’ve been prodded to give it a mention. The above video is an example of the result of the imaging workflow I helped to design for Vancouver 2010’s Olympic Torch Relay. Within a few hours of being shot, the above video was edited & available to broadcasters via satellite, to media (with stills) via the internet, and online via VANOC’s website. I worked with the team at Image Media Farm to craft the overall workflow, including video & photography ingest, data transfer and storage, editing & delivery via satellite and internet across the continent, and metadata retention and archival.

This is the largest Olympic relay yet, and it posed many design challenges. By the end of the relay, there will be 106 continuous days worth of video & photography, all of which had to be tagged and tracked for the more than 11,000 torch bearers and hundreds of cities & towns involved. The equipment had to withstand the harsh conditions of a trek across the Arctic and a travelling convoy back across the country… and all on a budget. Along with several parties needing different edited pieces out of the system and constantly changing requirements, it was a challenge – and one that I enjoyed thoroughly. Hats off to the media team on the road who do the hard daily work of putting this together.


On The Run

Suddenly, things got busy.

  • Post continues on Rwanda: Hope Rises along with preparations for screenings in May and June
  • The Red camera business has taken off like a shot. I spent this afternoon at Anthem Visual FX testing our workflow for an upcoming SciFi network TV show
  • This morning was spent prepping for a week long shoot with the RED, including skydiving, sailing, and ice skating