Vancouver Weather

The weather this weekend reminds me of an early Sunday only three weeks ago. Davies and I woke to piles of snow on the mountains, too good to resist. We hopped in my Jeep, put it in 4×4, and headed for Grouse Mountain (which neither of us had skiied). We slushed through a parking lot buried in snow, piled up the tram and enjoyed a day of freshies in steep, new terrain.
Grouse Top
Taken with the Chris CrappyCam 2000, aka his Sony cell phone

At day’s end back down the tram, the parking lot was bare, the sun was out, people were walking their dogs.
Grouse Bottom

And how else do you cap off a classic Vancouver day? With a fine meal of course… after a crisp view of the ocean, bathing in the sun.

Ah, Vancouver…