Photo – The Chirwa’s

The Chirwa's

Edison Chirwa emigrated from Malawi looking for work in 1949. He started working for the mine a few days later. He’s lived here with Leah ever since…

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Nice light. I love the expression on their respective faces; also the body language between the two is interesting (i think, although i am probably reading into things). His left leg is crossed toward Leah, but the right is in the opposite direction, as well as his face. Whilst she seems to be pointed toward Edison, she also doesn’t seem to be interacting with him…what is she looking at?

I agree, fantastic light. The whole scene reminds me of classic dutch scenes by Rembrandt, Vermeer, etc. There is a ‘gaze’ in each of their faces to some outer object or scene (or thought), which is why I find them captivating.

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