Photo Essay – The Bulembu Story

Bulembu Cableway

Bulembu went from a sleepy hollow of Swazi homesteads to a major mining operation – producing one-third of Swaziland’s GDP – to a near-ghost town in the space of several decades. Now it’s in the midst of another transformation. To tell the story, I’ve put together a photo essay from my recent assignment: “The Bulembu Story” (There are a few dozen photos, so it may take a minute or two to load).

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Calvin & Julie Wagie says:

We were in Swaziland for a year (05-06)in an independent Christian relief effort. We spent much time in Bulembu when it was under Empower Africa. We are considering a return to Swaziland and was most interested in those we have lost contact with, like Jane in the hospital and and Alfred in woodworking.
Also Pete or Keven Ward. Your photos are exceptional. You have captured the heart of the Bulembu effort.

Tori Guruswamy says:

Your work is amazing – I’ve spent a few weeks in Bulembu throughout 2004-2006. Are the calender shots available through or through another website?

Hannah Rowe says:

excellent picture…man i miss Bulembu, keep up the good work gys….Hannah Rowe

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hallie says:

I really love your pictures. I am trying to raise money to work at an orphanage in Bulembu for a month. I am trying to raise enough money so that I might document and create a documentary of my trip and what is needed in towns such as these. It will be a long term project probably several trips, but I enjoyed your photos and stories. Thanks
Boulder Creek CA

hallie says:

Hi My name is Hallie Greene I am going to Bulembu in July to help and also create a documentary for the website and missionary group I am going with. I was hoping to use some of your pictures for my website to try and get funding please let me know if that would be a possibility. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you when you have time.

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