Moving to LA [UPDATE #2]

I can’t say much, but just wanted to post a quick update to say I’m moving to LA, for how long I’m not sure. In a chance combination of who-you-know and timing, I’ve been asked to direct my first feature film for an off-shoot of Lions Gate!

Never in a (pick a big number) years would I have guessed that I would get an opportunity like this.

I can’t say too much about the project, except that it is fully budgeted, includes at least two name stars that you would recognize, and the genre is right up my alley. I can say that it is a sequel… which, if you know me, is not my first choice – but as a director, stepping into an existing franchise leaves out a lot of the guess work. And what am I saying – I get to direct a feature! With a budget!

Assuming my follow-up interview goes well, pre-production begins next week with shooting starting sometime early June in Bangladesh. I’ll try to keep things here updated as much as I’m able.

I’ve been informed that I can tell you the working title of the film: Alien vs. Rambo

Yes, you’ve caught my First of April ruse… it’s not really a romantic comedy. It’s actually a buddy-comedy – Alien and Rambo hit the road together to bust a cap on the bad guy.

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Is this an April Fool’s joke? (Not like I’m doubting your abilities…just in shock :)

I had always thought that the Aliens franchise needed to explore the lighter side of interplanetary conflict. Well, that and romantic subtleties (which seemed lost in Alien Vs. Predator).

I was going to say congrats… but Alien vs Rambo, a romantic comedy?? Hmmm, is it just coincidence that it’s April 1st? It could just be me, but the amount of information I gather about you says that this is not ‘up your alley.’ Please, tell us more ;)

LOL. I just pulled up the page and had a wee look at the html code (i.e., view page source). The image was from meiermg! dood, did you buy that domain name for your april fools joke? too good, my friend, too good. (ps. i miss you)

Even a week later, this is still funny. I had no trouble at all doubting that you were heading of to La-la-land. If it had been sci-fi instead of romantic comedy I might have missed the joke entirely. (Which is, admittedly, a little sad.)

Argh. Should have read that before posting. “No trouble believing” not “no trouble doubting”. There was *supposed* to be a compliment in there somewhere. . .

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