The Future of News

The world of news is changing fast. The capture, editing, and dissemination of what is newsworthy is becoming flatter, in that fewer barriers remain between the event and the reporting of the event. A few examples I’ve noted recently:

  • (and a forthcoming iPhone application) that gives you location- and preference-based news, and allows you to directly submit text and photos back to the Associated Press, direct from your iPhone.
  • The BBC’s newly re-vamped news site, and their refreshing use of video: uncommented, barely edited, and often backed up with the BBC’s excellent reporting in the text of the article: (An example from their front page)
  • Many discussions on the future of photojournalism, and the use of video as it relates to the still image. Here’s one video.

Technology is removing barriers to communication, reshaping our culture by changing the values behind what is reported: what is newsworthy becomes more closely tied to what is important to us.


A life in keys


There’s something about the keys in my pocket that say where I’m at in life. For almost a year, I had two keys: the key to my car, and the key to my door. The key to my car was used constantly; the key to my door, almost never.

Now, I have a big wad of keys. I’ve gone from key-pauperdom to a key-king, with fourteen pounds of metal necessitating a tighter belt when I walk.

Keys for the shop; keys for the house, my apartment, the storage shed; keys for friends; keys on loan for the show I’m on… They’re all someone else’s keys.

Soul Custody

Thursday I’m beginning work on a new MOW (Movie of the Week) called Soul Custody for Force Four entertainment. I’ll be running the RED on-set workflow cart (which I’ve been building the last several days). Most exciting (for me) is that I’ll be shadowing the director throughout the production.

Since my part of the workflow is simple I’ll have a decent amount of time to spend watching and learning. I do well absorbing through osmosis, being in proximity, observing the little things, assimilating the habits and tools of another tradesman. While I’m itching to start work on a few of my own long-awaited projects, it’s great opportunity to learn and get to know some people in new circles.

I’ve moved

I love my Jeep Cherokee.

It was love at first sight. I was test-driving the same old maid’s – Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas – when I spotted it. Fire-engine red, sitting on the corner with hot new tires, halfway up a berm looking ready to tackle the trail. I couldn’t resist.

Three years and 100,000 clicks later, it’s like the day we met. But one thing has changed: $90 a tank. Something had to give. So I moved.

I’ve got a nice new place near Commercial Drive, top floor of a four-storey house, view of the mountains, lots of light & air. It’s nestled in a quadrangle of Clark, Commercial, Grandview and Broadway. Close to everything but far enough that the street outside is quiet.

Guzzling gas isn’t the whole story… though $500 in a month was getting excessive. It’s more the time lost to traffic and travel. And while living in the valley has it’s perks, everything I’m involved with is here in the city. So, after a relatively painless move (thanks to friends and practiced packing) me and my Jeep have our new home. I’ve yet to tackle the boxes but already I can tell – this space marks a new beginning.