Featured with Stephen Lewis

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My photography is featured in the July edition of Alive Magazine, as part of an article about Stephen Lewis and the AIDS crisis in Africa. It was an honour to share the page: Stephen is one of my heros for his articulate speech and tireless effort to bring attention and real progress in Africa.

Click here for a PDF of the first two pages of the article… or you can pick up a copy wherever health & wellness magazines are sold.

The Future of News

The world of news is changing fast. The capture, editing, and dissemination of what is newsworthy is becoming flatter, in that fewer barriers remain between the event and the reporting of the event. A few examples I’ve noted recently:

  • APNews.com (and a forthcoming iPhone application) that gives you location- and preference-based news, and allows you to directly submit text and photos back to the Associated Press, direct from your iPhone.
  • The BBC’s newly re-vamped news site, and their refreshing use of video: uncommented, barely edited, and often backed up with the BBC’s excellent reporting in the text of the article: (An example from their front page)
  • Many discussions on the future of photojournalism, and the use of video as it relates to the still image. Here’s one video.

Technology is removing barriers to communication, reshaping our culture by changing the values behind what is reported: what is newsworthy becomes more closely tied to what is important to us.


An introduction…

A long road has led to the launch of this site… you could call it my own little online existential crisis. This site grew from a blog, to a website, to an internet hub, to a centre for world peace… to the anti-blog that it has become. The coding, multiple redesigns, online experimentation – all were in search of a theme.

There is a simple thread running through everything on this site, from the design to the content: to clearly, simply bring to light things that are beautiful and unique.

A few details about me are here in the about page, yanked from the preview site. Most likely you will want to subscribe to the feed, the easiest way to keep up to date.

In a world where less is more, you can expect less from me. Let’s see where this takes us…