West Coast Tour


Rwanda: Hope Rises is on tour, starting with the West Coast. We have dates in Portland, Redding and Langley. We are booking now for dates on our Cross-Canada tour. Check out hoperisesfilm.com for more info, and get in touch if you’re interested in hosting or helping with a screening.

Update: the RSS feed for the news page on hoperisesfilm.com is now working. Subscribe for updates on screenings etc. While you’re at it, you can subscribe to the trevormeier.com RSS feed too! (There are many goodies on the feed that regular site viewers don’t get to see…)

Voices for Bulembu Trailer


To mark the launch of the Voices for Bulembu campaign, Craig, Jesse and I put together this trailer. It was made with footage from my trip to Bulembu, Swaziland with the Canadian Tenors in August. Click the pic above to view the trailer in web-size (or download from the links below) then go check out their site.

A successful premiere

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Canadian Premiere of Rwanda: Hope Rises. We had a great time, and a great turnout, almost selling out the first show. A lot of faces I didn’t recognize, which for me is one of our biggest successes. Everything went well – the excellent venue, a great pre-reception with wine, cheese and mingling, and a beautiful screen to watch the story play out on.

We had great media coverage, which helped with the turnout. Below is a video from local daily 24 Hours:

The film was also covered by the Province, Global TV, and the print version of 24 Hours which has a high readership on the daily commute.

I’ve been laying low, taking it easy over the last couple days. It was an exhausting sprint getting everything ready, but I am immensely satisfied with the result. Big thanks to Kelly, Mike, Chris and the rest of the volunteers, and to Wellspring for hosting the event. This event wouldnt’ve happened without you.

The Promise 2nd Unit

I’m in Oxford, enjoying a short break after wrapping 2nd unit on “The Promise”, a documentary on Israel. While Jim van Dijk (Director) and Todd Williams (DP) ran main unit, I had the fun job. Four people and a van loaded with gear ran around Israel capturing unique and hidden images of the place.

Each night as I reviewed the day’s footage, I rendered out my favourite shot or two along with some stills. I threw them into Final Cut to give you a quick sample of some of what we shot. Click the image above to view the reel.

Composing Israel

Week One in Israel has been a great experience. I’m directing 2nd Unit on a 3-camera RED shoot, with Todd Williams as DP and Jim van Dijk directing. The first few days after the crew arrived, I stuck with Main Unit while everyone got settled. Then Jim cut my leash and let me travel, picking up a long list of cover shots all over Israel. It’s been a blast.

The “Twunit” van usually carries me and two others, a RED, sticks, dolly, overkeeper and a nice set of lenses. Each day is usually a combo of specific destinations and “targets of opportunity” – shots along the way that add to the story.

Even though we’re working hard, the long days are a nice change of pace from directing my own show. The hard decisions lie with Jim, Todd & the producers. I get to do the fun stuff. I’m really loving shooting with the RED and the sweet set of glass we have with us: 15-40 and 28-76 Angenieux Optimo zooms and a full set of Zeiss T1.3 primes, along with the RED 50-150.

In many ways, directing 2nd unit for this show has been a lot like shooting stills photography – looking for images that layer into the story. I’ve grabbed a bunch of still frames from what I’ve shot so far on the RED. Click the image above for a quick gallery of Israel so far…