I’m in the new YVR international terminal, waiting to board a flight to Heathrow. Besides my trip to Texas (Texas counts as another continent) this will be my longest trip off the North American rock. Six weeks, five countries, ten flights, and two major assignments (plus a little side-jaunt with some friends).

It’s been a complex setup… prep, planning and logistics have been more difficult than any other trip. But I’m looking forward to two challenging projects. I’ve been doing a fair amount of pre-work on both projects, exercising my new-found story knowledge.

I’ll be attempting to keep a regular log on the blog… stay posted.


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    Have a great time!! I heard you going to Aberdeen, I’m jealous. Tell Amanda and Dean I say hi!! I talked to her last week, but tell her I say hi and give a hug for me anyway :) Take care, safe (and fun) travels to you!

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    Oh my gosh I’ve been checking this from work on Explorer. It looks WAAAAAAAY better on my Mac.

    Looks like you guys are all having heaps of fun in Scotland; doing the praying thing for ya!