Trevor Head ShotI’m a passionate young filmmaker and photographer from Vancouver, BC. My approach is grassroots, careful and caring, giving space for my stories to live and breath. As a storyteller I work to create an environment where meaningful & difficult projects can reach their full potential.

I’ve travelled all over – 20+ countries at last count – in search of great stories and their teachers, tellers and believers. I’ve recently studied with Judith Weston in Los Angeles and on a fellowship with story expert Chris Hansen in Austin, Texas.

My most recent film is the award-winning documentary Rwanda: Hope Rises about the regeneration of Rwanda after the genocide in 1994. Other recent film projects include the agricultural camps of northern Mexico, the AIDS crisis in Africa, future questions & promise for life in Israel, and race relations in Mississippi. I studied music, theology and computer science in Vancouver, BC before beginning my career as an image maker & storyteller.

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