Trevor Head ShotI’m a passionate documentary filmmaker and photographer who lives and travels all over in search of great stories and their teachers, tellers and believers. My approach is grassroots, careful and caring, giving space for my stories to live and breath. As a storyteller I work to create an environment where meaningful & difficult projects can reach their full potential.

I’ve travelled all over – 25+ countries and six continents at last count. In addition to a degree in music I’ve studied the filmmaking arts with Judith Weston in Los Angeles and Chris Hansen in Austin, Texas.

My most recent film, now available on Netflix, is A New Economy, about cooperatives and democratically-operated business putting people as the bottom line. I previously directed and produced the award-winning documentary Rwanda: Hope Rises about the regeneration of Rwanda after the genocide in 1994. Other film subjects include agricultural camps of northern Mexico, the AIDS crisis in Africa, future questions & promise in Israel, and race relations in Mississippi.

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