“The Duchess” a Film Race Finalist!

“The Duchess” was a 2009 Vancouver Film Race finalist! The film was selected out of 34 in competition by judges in New York to run for the top prize. Last night was the awards announcement at the Anza Club (host of the Celluloid Social Club). In the end we didn’t win… but we had a good time with the other contestants watching everyone’s films and hearing Q&A’s from each team.

Thanks for everyone who supported Team Cinesketch for the race! Here’s a link to some of our sponsors:

If you haven’t watched the film yet, head over to the facebook page where you can become a fan and watch the video.

Chris Anderson on Leadership

I think that leading people is perhaps the most important skill these days… Helping (and inspiring) other people to do cool stuff is what an editor does, and when you take it out of a purely professional media context that looks more and more like effective community management. It’s a great skill and I admire those who do it well.

Chris Anderson, Wired Editor in Chief