Wall•E – The Shot Tells the Story

It’s no secret that I’m a big Pixar fan. Their focus on “story first” has resulted in a long string of engaging hits and memorable characters.

© 2008 Pixar Animation Studios / Walt Disney Pictures.
© 2008 Pixar Animation Studios / Walt Disney Pictures.

I’m preparing for my next short film, and beginning the process of storyboarding. I ran across Karen J Lloyd, whose site is an excellent storyboarding resource. While the site’s focus is professional artists, she recently completed a series on Wall•E which I’m reading through now: The Shot Tells the Story. While Wall•E works on many levels, the shot selection is a big part of the storytelling in a movie with no dialogue (much like my next project).

Take a look if you’re interested to see how shots break down to tell the story of Wall•E.

Rwanda DVD & Toronto Screening

We had a fantastic crowd at tonight’s screening at the Bloor in Toronto. Engaged, energetic… it was inspiring to see so much passion in a crowd of film-goers. Samputu gave a great performance to kick it all off. I’m honoured to have been able to meet him, and to have his music such an integral part of the film.

For those out there interested in getting your own copy of Rwanda: Hope Rises, you can sign up for the mailinglist on the film’s website. You’ll be notified as soon as copies are available for purchase.

Thanks to everybody who came out tonight!