Artisanal Labour

Filmmaking may be the last vestige of 19th-century artisanal labor: hours and hours to capture what on screen will last just a few minutes.

The rest of the day ticked by slowly, in a way that was a reminder that filmmaking may be the last vestige of 19th-century artisanal labor: hours and hours to capture what on screen would last just a few minutes.

Charles McGrath



Stu Maschowitz, of DV Rebel fame, and The Orphanage (may she rest in peace) is a leading expert on the ups and downs of the post-production tool-chain. In a vent of frustration, Stu posted a chain of comments to Twitter, a top-ten of the 15 worst things our beloved post-production apps are bad at. There’s still no great way to summarize a Twitter conversation, so I’m posting it here. Pretty great for all you post-pro pixel lovers/haters out there.

  • Give Final Cut Pro a pixel, it’ll screw up the gamma.
  • Give Avid a pixel, it’ll screw up the 16-235 thing.
  • Give Motion a pixel, and as long as you leave it at that you’re real time all the way baby!
  • Give After Effects a pixel and it will color manage it “correctly,” i.e. matching none of your other apps.
  • Give Flame a pixel. That will be $2,300 please.
  • Give Premiere Pro a pixel. Oops, wait, project’s still loading
  • Give Shake a pixel. And put the new Sugar Ray CD in your 6-disk changer while you’re at it.
  • Give Commotion a pixel. On that beige Mac you keep in the back room running OS9 so you can still use version 3.1.
  • Give Photoshop a pixel. No, no, not Brightness and Contrast! Idiot.
  • Give Aperture a pixel. Then do basically nothing to it using Aperture’s built-in controls, just fire up one of your $300 Nik plug-ins.
  • Give Toxik a pixel. Feel lonely?
  • Give Fusion a pixel. Look, your desktop!
  • Give Nuke a pixel. And, uh, now what.
  • Give Lightroom a pixel. Double click it. It becomes full-screen. But somehow you’re still not in edit mode. Did you read the five rules?
  • Give Apple Color a pixel. Good luck getting it back!

The thread begins here if you want to read it from the source.